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carterbandmainThe Carter Family Connection

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My brother Tim and myself have been writing, recording and performing music together professionally for 27 years. It wasn’t until the past 10 years or so that the word began spreading like wildfire about us being related to the Carter Family. Well, we indeed are of the same blood. It’s something that we never made a big deal about because it just seemed natural for the both of us to be playing music since we could walk. We were always encouraged to be thankful and humble for our abilities. We were also taught to be openminded, original and creative about music and life in general. By no means were we ever required to learn, record or perform the music by A.P., Sarah and Mother Maybelle. After all, they invented their own sound, without even knowing at the time that they were creating something totally new and all their own and we wished to do the same. All of us out here recording and touring understand the philosophy of wanting to write words and music in ways that have never been done before.

We always wanted to be totally new and original as well&.we also wanted to do it all on our own without the using the ‘crutch’ of the family name. We purposely played down that aspect although a lot of people were saying that we were foolish not to exploit our heritage to help further our careers quicker, especially in the earlier lean days.! We were stubborn and steadfast to prove to ourselves that we could be successful totally on our own merits. And it worked. Our first signing to a major record label, Capital Records, came 14 years ago without the label heads even knowing a thing about the Family connection. They were livid later on, after we were dropped, upon learning our family heritage and the marketing possibilities. Well, we had made it that far without making a big deal about it and that means a lot to us although now I can understand the label’s disappointment on a business level.

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