Jack Lawrence

jlmainJack Lawrence has been called a “flatpicking powerhouse.” His recordings and performances combine exciting, high spirited and innovative guitar solos with tasteful phrasing in his own inventive style. Well known as Doc Watson’s partner since the early 1980’s, Jack’s inspired playing and smooth vocals provide listeners with performances that span musical traditions. Jack grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and his musical odyssey began at age ten when his father took a job as sound engineer for a local music hall. Backstage at the Lake Norman Music Hall, Jack had access to many of the top acts in the Country, Bluegrass and Gospel fields as well as the local R’n’B bands. As a youngster, Jack took this opportunity to meet and learn from some of the finest players in the business. Performers of the day such as Buck Owens, Don Rich, Bill Monroe, Leon Rhodes, George Shuffler, and Flatt and Scruggs exposed Jack to a variety of styles emerging in the 1950’s and 60’s. From these early experiences, Jack developed his own talents and found his major influences to be Doc Watson, Clarence White and Django Reinhardt. By the late 1960’s, Lawrence was playing in local Folk and Bluegrass groups and soaking up as much music on the professional level as possible. An after school job with luthier C.E. Ward in Charlotte proved a tremendous learning ground for the sixteen-year-old. Through Ward’s association with Bluegrass Gospel legend Carl Story, Jack started doing guest spots on Carl’s TV show and making other public appearances. In 1971, three days after his high school graduation, Lawrence set out on his professional career. To view this bio and learn more please visit JackLawrence.com.